Who is it for

The Clipflip is suitable for all women, young and old and with long or short hair, who occasionally wish to wear their hair longer and/or with more volume.

The Clipflip has been developed especially for women with thin and/or vulnerable hair. The Clipflip is simply ‘hung in the hair’ and, consequently, is not fixed to your hair. This makes it ideal for use when your hair is damaged.

The Clipflip is ideally suited to bridal and festive hairstyles - and is indispensable on a night out. The Clipflip is also ideal when you wish an occasional change from a short style to a long style.

The Clipflip is also excellent for use during shows and photo shoots: models receive a marvellous head of hair in an instant.

Tip: Always contact a professional hairdresser when you wish to have your The Clipflip extension trimmed or cut to match your hairstyle.

For you as well

Applications and examples of metamorphoses are shown in Gallery.

A number of options are available to you. Consult with your The Clipflip salon on the variant that is most suited to you.