All The Clipflips are covered by a three-month guarantee. The guarantee covers production fault and faults that are beyond the control of the salon and the consumer.

When is it not possible to claim under the guarantee?

  1. If The Clipflip is treated with chemicals.
    Chemical treatment is understood to mean bleaching, colouring and perming.
    The Clipflip is coloured during the production process, which means that any chemical treatment might produce undesirable results. Chemical treatment might also dry out the hairpiece, because it blocks the nourishment The Clipflip receives from the scalp.
  2. If Flip In is not treated with the correct products.
    It is very important that you use only professional hairdressing products on your The Clipflip. Drugstore shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and serums do not meet the conditions.
  3. If the wave falls out of the Bodywave or the curl falls out of the Italian Bodywave.
    Always wash and dry The Clipflip correctly, because this prevents the curl and wave from falling out.
  4. If The Clipflip is not brushed with an extension brush.
    Always use an extension brush to prevent your The Clipflip from losing hair. You can buy these brushes from your The Clipflip retailer.

  If you have a complaint, you want to exchange a product or your The Clipflip needs to be repaired, please enclose the return form with your hairpiece, which you will find here.