How does it work

The Clipflip increases the length and volume of your hair in just one minute.

The Clipflip, in contrast to all other systems, uses an invisible thread worn over your head. The Clipflip hangs between your own hair. Your hair hides the wire. Fit the wire about 2 cm behind your hairline and gently press the hairpiece over the crown of your head so that the The Clipflip adjusts to the shape of your head.

Use the tip of your comb to gently pull your hair over the wire and bring it into model. You can cut the wire to the correct length if so required.

Tip: make sure that your The Clipflip does not hang too low in your neck, otherwise the hair will become tangled!

Ask your hairdresser for advice

Your The Clipflip hairpiece hangs between your own hair and sits at the base of your skull. The length of your hairpiece is measured from this point at the back of your head. We recommend that you request a professional hairdresser who has received special The Clipflip training to measure your hairpiece for you. Your hairdresser can also advise you on the hair colour that is ideally suited to the colour and structure of your hair.

Styling and care

Your The Clipflip, made from pure human hair, is of high quality. For this reason you can style The Clipflip in the same manner you use to style your hair. However, always use a serum to protect the The Clipflip and your hair from heat.