The Clipflip

What is it

The Clipflip is the revolution in hair extensions - the hair extension that causes absolutely no damage to your own hair. The Clipflip offers you the fastest and simplest means of changing your look. The Clipflip, in contrast to all other systems, uses an invisible thread worn over your head and between your hair. The Clipflip is also ideally suited to users with somewhat thinner hair. Fitting The Clipflip takes just one minute of your time and no more than a couple of seconds to remove. The Clipflip is made from pure human hair and is of guaranteed high quality, so you can style the hair extension as usual. 1 The Clipflip is equivalent to 125 regular hair extensions!

Why The Clipflip?

Long hair for just one night, or for a full head of curls on a special day. Until recently this was no more than a dream - or we had to be prepared to sit in the hairdressers' chair for hours while all the hair extensions were attached. However, with the revolutionary The Clipflip you can now give yourself long straight hair or a full head of curls in an instant!

You can just do it yourself - easily, and quickly!

The Clipflip is available in various colours, lengths, structures and models.

View the product range to find the perfect The Clipflip for you.

The Clipflip, a product from Hairworkxx, Helmond , is available throughout the country at the better hairdressers salons.

More information about salons stocking The Clipflip is available under our sales points.